'Icarus' mural in Mexico city by Aec

  my recent mural in Mexico city.  
Location- Crossing of Av. Insurgentes and Av. Alvaro Obregon. 
 Special huge thanks to Babyrock for assist!  

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'End of The Age of walls' mural by Aec Interesni kazki

'End of The Age of walls' 
Cancun. Mexico.

 My recent mural in Cancun. 8 days of work. Done for @proyectopanorama project. Huge thanks to the team of the this project and @visualjunkies for making all the best organized. 

 I was very honored to paint in such a nice location - old neighborhood of Cancun. This piece is my view on that education and culture can break the walls and barriers between the people.



 Between murals of Smithe and Spokbrillor

in progress by The Stills

portret by The  Stills 

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'The Hatching of Humanity' mural by Aec Interesni kazki

"The Hatching of Humanity". 
mural by Aec 
Painted in November 2016 for Heerlen Murals 
Heerlen, Netherlands

This mural is my view of eternal try of people to reach the Dream. The Earth in the picture is an egg, image of cradle for Humanity. It is not means it have to be destroyed and used but opposite- to be saved and cared. Blinded, climbing to another planet man is a image of Humanity. Second head with a third eye of this man is a image of ingenious people- mystics, scientists,artists, saints and others who have supernatural abilities to drive human race ,to be guides.. It is my vision but it is free to interpret and can have many other meanings.
This piece I have painted in new for me technique - combination of acrylic painting and ink drawing.  Special thanks to Raenys Martis!
This mural made in technique of combination of acrylic painting and ink drawing.
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Murals by Aec Interesni Kazki painted since September 2014 to September 2016

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'The Revolution' Mural by Aec . August 2016. Ibiza. Spain. Bloop Festival.

'Intuition or Sixth sense of Pedro' Part by Aec of collab mural with Waone in city of Gainesville. Florida. USA in January 2016. 352Walls project.

'Petrified science or archeological recursion'. Mural by Aec created in Valladolid, Mexico. February 2016 year. Zentik Project.

'Capoeira fighter - Banisteriopsis caapi'. Collab mural Aec with Waone. Painted in Sao Paulo. Brasil in November 2015. Obra Fesival.

"Odysseus escape from Polyphemus'. Mural by Aec. Painted in Catania. Sicily, Italy. July 2015. Emergence Festival.

'Memory Of The Land'. Mural by Aec.Created in Perth, Australia in April of 2015. Form project.

'Seller of Black Holes' Mural by Aec. Painted in Varkala. India in February 2015. Self made.

'Reappearance of Ancient civilization' Mural by Aec painted in Ayia Napa. Cyprus. November 2014. Ayia Napa Street Art Festival.

'Ukrainian St. George'.  Mural by Aec in  Kiev. Ukraine. October 2014. Self made.

'The Lighthouse' Mural by Aec. Painted in Aalborg. Denmark in September 2014. Weaart project.

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' The Revolution'. Mural by Aec Interesni Kazki

 ' The Revolution ' mural.
by Aec

Created in San Antoni De Portmani. Carrer Bisbe Torres 13.  Ibiza. Spain. Bloop Festival.

  Main story of the image is removing of one head and applying of the new one...to the  large pile of stones - body. Stone heads is an image of  government  and pile of stones - body is a society and structure of the country.                                                                                                      Monkey on the top of pile of stones - body, is burning book "Origin of Species", written by Charles Darwin. It is a symbol of revolution because negation of idea of evolution is revolution...
 In some ways, to create this piece I was inspired by what is happening in my country- Ukraine, were revolution happend already two times in past 12 years.. Officially, government and president  were changed but all the society,  and structure of the country almost stay the same - corrupt politicians only changed their dress and took on patriotic colors, and corrupt way of life of the most people.  People  got illusion of freedom but in fact are stayed under control of corrupt politicians and businessmen who actually ruled the country before revolution and continue now, covering themself by 'patriotism' and using war like tool for manipulation.


Street views:

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